An Update on the Canterbury Earthquake


Centered just 10 kilometers (approximately 6 miles) south of the city at a very shallow depth, this second earthquake has been far more devastating than the September 2010 quake. Severe damage to homes and businesses has occurred, however the real tragedy lies in the loss of life, an estimated 240 people.

While fires break outs and flooding occurs, authorities are doing all they can to restore power and water supplies. A national state of emergency has been declared and search and rescue teams along with other expert personnel have been brought in not only from other parts of New Zealand, but from all around the world to assist. Within this city of 375,000 people, it is fair to say that no-one in Christchurch has been left unaffected by this tragedy. The ASSA ABLOY sales office situated in Sydenham, a badly hit area of town, is still standing and open. The building however awaits an engineering inspection due to cracks in the walls and floors. The good news is that all Christchurch ASSA ABLOY staff and their families are confirmed safe. Despite many suffering damage to their own homes, our Sales Representatives will continue to call on customers and assist them in any way possible.

Our efforts at ASSA ABLOY New Zealand are now focused on helping the community in need. In traditional kiwi-style, our famous black BBQ trailer is on its way down to Christchurch along with a crew from Auckland and Wellington so they can cook sausages for people and add cheer to those waiting in long queues to receive clean water and supplies. ASSA ABLOY New Zealand will also be assisting in community rebuild projects, helping where we can and donating window and door hardware.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all Cantabrians at this trialing time. If you would like to donate to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal, you can do so at