ASSA ABLOY's Support of Christchurch Continues


The February earthquake, measuring up to a Richter magnitude of 6.3 at a depth of 5.9km and only 10km south of the city, caused severe damage to homes and businesses and claimed the lives of many along the way. More than 8,500 ongoing aftershocks have hit Christchurch since September, making it difficult for its 375,000 residents to move on and look forward.


Following the Christchurch earthquakes, ASSA ABLOY New Zealand’s efforts to help the community in need have not ceased. Our famous black BBQ trailer was sent down to Christchurch along with a crew from Auckland and Wellington to cook sausages all day, every day, and add cheer to those who waited in long queues to receive clean water and supplies. ASSA ABLOY New Zealand will also be assisting in community rebuild projects, helping where we can and donating window and door hardware. Meanwhile, optimism and support from the rest of the country are important to uplift the spirits of our friends in Christchurch.

Thirty children from Mairangi Bay School in Auckland have expressed their messages of support and hope for the Christchurch community in a beautiful mural. The artwork features three stages of an unfurling Koru and a soaring Kereru (NZ wood pigeon). The Kereru is depicted flying from the darkness of the earthquake toward a bright future, just as the Koru grows from a seedling into a strong fern across the three displays. The Avon River links all three panels together. Around the border of the mural are each child’s personal message of regeneration, hope and support.

The mural was auctioned with all proceeds going to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.
ASSA ABLOY New Zealand purchased the painting and donated it to Burwood School, a primary school in North East Christchurch, where it is now displayed in their library.

Burwood School and its surrounding area were badly affected by the February earthquake. Letters from the school have indicated that the mural has been a positive focus for their children, staff and community.