For top hung sliding timber and metal doors. Max. 200kg.

  • Ideally suited to shop fronts, offices and other stylish interiors.
  • Designed for straight sliding doors in timber, aluminium or metal.


Part Number Description Packaging
H52B Pacer Hanger Wood Door Angle Fix Trade
H56B Pacer Hanger MTL Door Angle Fix Trade
H56BX Pacer Hanger MTL Door Box Fix Trade
H57B Pacer Hanger Concealed Fix Trade
H601P Pacer Clip Stop Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
HF160/2000 Pacer Soffit Fascia STD 2m Trade
HF160/2500 Pacer Soffit Fascia STD 2.5m Trade
HF160/3000 Pacer Soffit Fascia STD 3m Trade
HF160/3500 Pacer Soffit Fascia STD 3.5m Trade
HF160/4000 Pacer Soffit Fascia STD 4m Trade
HF160/ECP Pacer F160 Fascia Endcap Pack Trade
HF200/2000 Pacer Face Fix Fascia ANOD 2.0m Trade
HF200/2500 Pacer Face Fix Fascia ANOD 2.5m Trade
HF200/3000 Pacer Face Fix Fascia ANOD 3.0m Trade
HF200/3500 Pacer Face Fix Fascia ANOD 3.5m Trade
HF200/4000 Pacer Face Fix Fascia ANOD 4.0m Trade
HF200/ECP Pacer F200 Fascia Endcap Pack Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H600/2000 Pacer Track - Mill Alum 2m Trade
H600/2000AN Pacer Track - ANOD Alum 2m Trade
H600/3000 Pacer Track - Mill Alum 3m Trade
H600/3000AN Pacer Track - ANOD Alum 3m Trade
H600/4000 Pacer Track - Mill Alum 4m Trade
H600/4000AN Pacer Track - ANOD Alum 4m Trade
H600/5000 Pacer Track - Mill Alum 5m Trade
H600/5000AN Pacer Track - ANOD Alum 5m Trade
H600/6000 Pacer Track - Mill Alum 6m Trade
H600/6000AN Pacer Track - ANOD Alum 6m Trade

Track Brackets

Part Number Description Packaging
H1B Pacer Face Fix Bracket Trade
H1BX Pacer Jointing Bracket Trade