Flexirol 500

Flexirol 500
Flexirol 500
Flexirol 500
Flexirol 500

For top hung sliding timber and metal doors. Max. 500kg.

  • Ideally suited to hotels, conference centres, shop fronts, showrooms or any site requiring high performance and an attractive finish.
  • Designed for straight sliding doors in timber, metal or glass.


Part Number Description Packaging
H556/52 Flexirol Straight Sliding Hanger Corner Plate Fix Timber Door  
H556/57 Flexirol Straight Sliding Hanger Surface Mount Plate Timber Door  
H21/550P Pacer Pivot Set Timber Door Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H500JS Track Jointing Strip Trade
H550/2000A Flexirol Track 2.0m - Anodised Trade
H550/3000A Flexirol Track 3.0m - Anodised Trade
H550/4000A Flexirol Track 4.0m - Anodised Trade
H550/6000A Flexirol Track 6.0m - Anodised Trade
HKW/550 Flexirol Cross Joint Intersect Trade
HTW/550 Flexirol 'T' Intersect Trade

Track Brackets

Part Number Description Packaging
H1A/550 Flexirol Face Fix Bracket Trade
H3S/550 Flexirol Soffit Fix Bracket Trade