Straight Sliding 307

Straight Sliding 307
Straight Sliding 307
Straight Sliding 307
Straight Sliding 307

For timber or metal top hung sliding doors. Max 2000kg.

  • Designed to allow very heavy and large industrial doors to be easily moved.
  • Designed to accommodate single or multiple panels on one or more tracks.
  • Versatile range of hanger, track, bracket and guide options, allows the 307 system.
  • to be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Where doors are fitted externally, a canopy is recommended.


Part Number Description Packaging
H53FJ/S 307 Hanger Wood Door 4W Side Plate Trade
H56FJ/S 307 Hanger Metal Door 4W Standard Bolt Trade
H56FJX/S 307 Hanger Metal Door EXT Bolt Trade
H56FX/S 307 Hanger Metal Door EXT Bolt Trade

Steel Track Brackets

Part Number Description Packaging
H1/307/S 307 Bracket Face Fix Steel Trade
H1/307/SLC 307 Bracket Face Fix Left Closed Steel Trade
H1/307/SRC 307 Bracket Face Fix Right Closed Steel Trade
H1X/307/S 307 Bracket Face Fix Jointing Steel Trade
H3/307/S 307 Bracket Soffit Fix Steel Trade
H3/307/SC 307 Bracket Soffit Fix Closed Steel Trade
H3X/307S 307 Bracket Soffit Fix Joint Trade
H4/307/S 307 Bracket Soffit Fix Inline Trade
H4/307/SC 307 Bracket Soffit Inline Closed Trade
H4R/307S 307 Bracket Soffit Fix ADJ Trade
H4R/307SB 307 Bracket Body for Welding Trade
H4R/307SC 307 Bracket Soffit ADJ Closed Trade
H4RX/307S 307 Bracket Soffit ADJ Joint Trade
H4X/307S 307 Bracket Soffit Inline Joint Trade
H5/307S 307 Bracket Double Face Fix ADJ Trade
H5/307SC 307 Bracket Double Face Fix Reversible Trade
H9/307/S 307 Bracket Face Fix Low Head Room Trade
H9/307/SLC 307 Bracket Face Fix LH Closed Steel Trade
H9/307/SRC 307 Bracket Face Fix RH Closed Steel Trade
H9X/307S 307 Jointing Bracket Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H307/2000 307 Track 2.0m Trade
H307/3000 307 Track 3.0m Trade
H307/4000 307 Track 4.0m Trade