Tangent 301

For round the corner straight sliding top hung doors. Max 55kg or 70kg each leaf.


  • Designed for doors that slide clear of the opening and park along the adjacent side wall, suitable where a bunched unit of parked leaves would be impractical.
  • Ideal for residential garages, commercial and light industrial applications.
  • The end leaf of the system nearest the track curve can form a swinging access door.


Part Number Description Packaging
H601/100 301 Tangent Channel Curve Shallow Trade
H601/97 301 Tangent Channel Curve Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H67/97 301 Tangent Intermediate Guide Trade
H68/97 301 Tangent Guide End Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H62A 301 Tangent Hanger Intermediate Trade
H63A 301 Tangent Hanger End Trade


Part Number Description Packaging
H600B 301 Track Curve Trade
H600BH 301H Track Curve Trade