Lockwood 3570 Series Electric Mortice Lock

Lockwood 3570 Series Electric Mortice Lock
Lockwood 3570 Series Electric Mortice Lock
Lockwood 3570 Series Electric Mortice Lock
Lockwood 3570 Series Electric Mortice Lock

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the 3570 series electric mortice is a high performance lock of superior quality. It is constructed from high grade zinc alloy, with a stainless steel latch bolt and face plate and is suited for all commercial applications.

The lock can be operated by push buttons, intercom systems and key switches; or integrated with electronic access control systems for use with higher security devices such as keypads or card readers.

Key Features

Designed with flexibility in mind, the one lock can cover all functions and is easily configured on site for the required application. Available in non monitored and monitored versions.

Monitoring features:

  • Dead latched and Locked
  • Door position/Reed switch
  • Dual key override monitoring
  • Request to exit/REX
  • LED indication

Field Changeable settings:

  • Fail safe/fail secure configuration.
  • Multi-voltage - will work on 12-24 Vdc systems.
  • Handing - left hand and right hand doors.
  • Selection of free lever or locked lever on both sides of the door.
  • Key override monitoring either side of the door.
  • Monitoring contacts - normally closed, normally open (for key override and request
    to exit only).

Standards and Compliance

  • S3 (Security) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2.1993) (when used with equivalent security level keying system).
  • D3 (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2.1993).
  • Successfully fire rated up to 4hrs on fire door assemblies in accordance with AS1905.1. 2005 (Part 1: Fire resistant door sets).
  • C-Tick Certified.
  • 3570 Series: SCEC endorsed for intruder resistant areas.
  • 3579 Series: SCEC endorsed for secure areas.

12Vdc - 24Vdc Operating Voltage.

500mA (max) 80mA holding @ 12Vdc.
275mA (max) 50mA holding @ 24Vdc.

LED Current
When LED's are fitted, add 15mA (max) to total current draw.


  • Dual Key override
  • Deadlatched
  • Locked
  • Door closed
  • Request to exit
  • Microswitches: 500mA (max) @ 30Vdc each circuit.
  • Reedswitch: 100mA (max) @ 30Vdc.

Operational temperature range -20c to + 60c.

Case / Cover
High purity Zinc alloy construction.

60mm standard, 89 & 127 mm available.

Latch bolts
Reversible with Stainless Steel construction.

Door Clearance
3 - 6.5 mm

Door thickness
Standard applications 32 to 50mm.

Standard Lockwood oval shaped cylinders.

1.6 metre length of cable with 12 pin socket supplied with each lock.
Recommended cable: 18AWG (0.82mm²) cable runs up to 30m.

Compatible with Lockwood series door furniture.

Standard Finishes
Satin Chrome (SC) standard. Bright Chrome (CP) and Polished Brass (PB) finishes available.

Note: For detailed electrical specifications, refer to catalogue.

Specification Statement
The lock should be capable of operation on voltages between 12 - 24Vdc and have a current consumption not more than 80mA (holding) @12Vdc and 50mA (holding) @24Vdc.

Monitored locks must be capable of monitoring the following functions: Key override, door position / reed switch, selectable hub / Request to exit, & locking bar status.

All monitoring outputs must have the ability to be wired independently.

All settings - including: fail safe / fail secure, handing, hub selection must be field configurable.





Description Part Number
12-24V DC Fail Safe or Fail Secure
No Cylinder L3570ELN0SC
1 Cylinders L3570ELN1SC
2 Cylinders L4570ELN2SC


Monitored (Hub, Deadlatch, Solenoid, Door Position, Key Override Monitor all as standard)

Description Part Number
60mm Backset - 12-24V DC Fail Safe or Fail Secure
No Cylinder L3570ELM0SC
1 Cylinder L3570ELM1SC
2 Cylinder L3570ELM2SC


Description Part Number
89mm Backset - 12-24V DC Fail Safe or Fail Secure
No Cylinder L4570ELM0SC
1 Cylinders L4570ELM1SC
2 Cylinders L4570ELM2SC


Description Part Number
127mm Backset - 12-24V DC Fail Safe or Fail Secure
No Cylinder L5570ELM0SC
1 Cylinder L5570ELM1SC
2 Cylinder L5570ELM2SC


Description Part Number
Monitored Secure Area Rated
Electric Mortice Lock 3570 Secure Area Rated Lock 60mm Backset Monitored L3579ELMOSC

NB: The locksets listed above are fail safe and left handed as default.


Description Part Number
1.6m Cable (Standard with 3570) 12-Pin LSP3570-155
7.5M Extended Cable, 12-Pin LSP3570-1055
9 to 12 Wire Adaptor Electronic Lock LSP3570-5861
LED Assembly to suit 3570/3580 LSP572-3129

Strike Plates and Rebate Kits

Description Part Number
Long Lipped Strike
Projection Extended to 43.5mm LSP3570-5253SSS
Projection Extended to 47.5mm LSP3570-5453SSS


Description Part Number
3570 Rebate Kit
32mm Lip Fire Rated L3P72-RK32SS
46mm Lip Fire Rated L3P72-RK46SS


NB: Strike plates and rebate kits also available in CP and PB finishes.