SMARTair™ Wall Readers

The SMARTair™ Wireless Readers Wall Readers are ideal for Auto Doors & Gates or Doors with Electromechanical or Electromagnetic Locks. Once a device has been initialised using the SMARTair™ 'Portable Programmer', all User Card permissions, Audit Events and occur in Real Time.

Each Lock & Reader contains an inbuilt Clock, Times Zones and specific User Access information therefore maintaining full offline operation in the possible event communications with the Management software are lost.

Variants and optional Relay Boards also make the Update On Card Wall Readers suitable for use with Lift Control, controlling and managing up to 40 Floors.

Available to with Standard Prox, Slim design Prox and Prox Keypad combined.

  • Full Online solution providing Programming, Monitoring & Control
  • Real time Clock & Calendar
  • 1500 User Card/Tag Database
  • Stores up to 1000 events, date & time stamped
  • 14 Time Zones provided for User restrictions or Auto Unlock times
  • 12/24vDC Operation
  • Suitable for use any surface and works with almost any electromagnetic lock