ES634 & ES626 Keypads

ES634 & ES626 Keypads
ES634 & ES626 Keypads
ES634 & ES626 Keypads
ES634 & ES626 Keypads
ES626 2x6 Keypad (LT107505-010)
ES626 2x6 Keypad (LT107505-010)
ES634 3x4 Keypad (LT107505-020)
ES634 3x4 Keypad (LT107505-020)

The ES634 and ES626 range of keypads are a complete single door self contained access control system for up to 200 users.

Designed to US military specifications for shock, vibration, temperature and impact these high quality keypads contain the latest in "Piezo" technology. The sensors embedded below the metal surface of the keys on all Piezo keypads are made of a ceramic alloy that only needs capacitance to activate.


  • No moving parts (solid state peizo technology)
  • Solid metal housing
  • Vandal proof. Resistant to glue, lighter, knives and gum
  • Water resistant (IP68)
  • Anodised graphics never wear off
  • Keypad meets with mil standard for shock,vibration, temperature and impact
  • Adjustable door open time (from 1-99 seconds)
  • Up to 200 user codes (100 million combinations)


  • Single door access control
  • Commercial or residential applications

Standards and Compliance
IP68 Rated


12 / 24V AC/DC
Heavy Duty Form C Relay


Meets MIL standards 810C, 202E, 461B and 462 for shock vibration.

Operational temperature range -40°C to + 125°C

Solid Metal Housing

Specification Statement
The keypad must be vandal resistant. The Keypad must also have an IP rating not less than IP68. The numerical graphics on the keypad must be laser etched into the surface and the buttons must have no moving, wearing parts. The keypad must meet the MIL standard for shock and vibration impact.


Part Number Description
LT107505-010 ES634 3x4 Keypad
LT107505-020 ES626 2x6 Keypad